The Pension Committee

Haringey Council as the administering authority for the Haringey Pension Fund has delegated its pension fund responsibilities to the Pensions Committee. The role of the committee is to endure that the pension fund is in compliance with all the legislative requirements and making sure the scheme is being effectively and efficiently governed and managed. In particular the Committee is required to:

  1. Develop and maintain an Investment Strategy Statement (ISS), funding strategy statement, governance & compliance statement and communications policy.
  2. To invest the schemes monies in accordance with the ISS and to monitor the performance of its appointed fund managers.
  3. To maintain systems of internal controls around key activities and to identify, manage and mitigate risk.
  4. To prepare annual accounts and have them audited.
  5. To collect contributions as set out in the schedule of contributions and to pay benefits in accordance with legistlation.
  6. To appoint external advisor to support the Committee.

The Committee members work with the Council's officers and external advisors to ensure that your pension scheme is being run properly and that you as a member get the best service.

To comply with requirements imposed by regulations which are enforced by the Pensions Regulator, the members of the pension committee are required to maintain their knowledge and understanding of the LGPS and pensions in general, so receive appropriate training.

The members of the Joint Pension Committee and Board as at July 2021 are as follows:

All members of the committee have voting rights

Councillor Yvonne Say (Chair)
Councillor Eldridge Culverwell (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Sarah James
Councillor Paul Dennison
Councillor Viv Ross

Keith Brown (Employee/Employers representative) 

Randy Plowright (Employee/Employers representative)

Ishmael Owarish (Employee/Employers representative)



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